Big Book for Mathematics

$ 25.00

The first section has small versions of the grade level posters so all the standards for one grade level are on one page - no more flipping through pages.

The second section is a listing of almost all the words that are in the standards cross-referenced with the standards they appear in. This allows you to see when words are introduced, how their use changes through the grade levels, and (this is also really big) what concepts aren`t mentioned in your grade level but are in prior grades. The assessments your students will be taking will cover your grade level and all prior grade levels. If you`re teaching 7th grade, it`s really helpful to know what concepts were stressed in 6th grade but aren`t mentioned in the 7th grade standards.

SAVE MONEY! The Big Book will also help you evaluate your current curriculum to see how it aligns with the Common Core State Standards. Maybe you don`t have to replace all your textbooks. With the Big Book, you`ll be able to make sure that the standards are driving your curriculum, not any textbook.

This 12" x 18" inch coil bound book will be the most valuable tool you`ll own in making sure your program meets all the standards.

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